About us

Why Pieltoro ?

Pieltoro working in a field of real leather and Fabrics from last three decades and selling a very vast range of real leather and Fabric accessories.We are manufacturer and exporter of leather and Fabric goods with top quality workmanship.

Pieltoro have certified,expert and master employees which are very loyal and committed about their departments.As a theory of Quality is everything , Pieltoro have Signatured High Quality of real leather and fabric to satisfy customers.

Our Mission

Pieltoro's mission is, the real leather stays for more than decades with you. It becomes a part of your life, and journey, breathes and weathers (or enjoys the weather) with you.

As a Specialist in Real Leather and fabric accessories , we sought and found a huge variety of top quality real leather and Fabric with best workmanship to serve you. our mission is to provide you the high quality with the best ultimate premium real leather and thread. Consistent with our standards and compliments the allure of real leather and Fabric.

We Provide

Pieltoro Provide's :

-100% Gurranted Real Leather (Cow,Buff etc).

-High Quality Fabric.

-Desired Shades of Real Leather.

-Top Quality Workmanship.

-Get anything Engraved.

-Fully Professional Products.

-High Quality Stiching.

-Customized Labeling and Branding.

-Supportive Return Policy.

-Logo Embossing.

-Customized Accescories.

-Customized Printings.

-Manufacturing of Your Dream Product.

-Custom Made Orders.

-Bulk Orders.

-Fast Delivery Worldwide.

One of the major added benefits of being our own manufacturer is that we can offer our customers custom made leather and fabric accessories. You send us the design and we will make your dream design.

No other online Supplier can match our quality for the price we offer.We offer the best customer service, making their shopping experience as enjoyable and easy as possible. All queries are answered at a fast pace via email or telephone. To speak to a Pieltoro representative call: +92 307 64 25 941 or Email at Pieltoro.pk@gmail.com





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